Students in Bronx Charter School Protest Visit by Ted Cruz

07 Apr

Ted Cruz is called out as a misogynistic, homophobic racist by protesting children. I wonder what they’d say about Donald Trump who is considered the lessor of these two evils.

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Students at the Bronx Lighthouse College Preparatory Academy wrote a letter objecting to a visit by Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz, and the school canceled his visit.

Cruz, no doubt, hoped to use the charter school as a photo-op for his New York campaign.

The students, however, had other ideas.

They wrote:

A group of students will be leaving during 4th period, as act of civil disobedience in regards to the arrival of Ted Cruz to BLCPA. We have all considered the consequences of our actions and are willing to accept them. We respect you and all the staff at BLCPA as well as the expected guests. But we want you to understand that as passionate students, we have ideas and principles that should be heard and respected. This walk out isn’t a reflection of our discontent with BLCPA but our opportunity to stand up for our community and future…

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