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Croydon, New Hampshire: A Surprising Victory for Public Schools and Democracy!

“Woke” up! “Woke” up!

To save our public schools and our democracy, become a “woke” person. The more people that vote that are “woke” the safer we’ll be from the fascist-libertarian hate filled autocrats that want to make all the decisions for everyone while dismantling our culture, out country until nothing is left but a dystopian nightmare.

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In 2001, libertarian political scientist Jason Sorens proposed the creation of a “free state.” He appealed to other libertarians to cluster in one small state, where enough of them would be able to eliminate laws and authority and “live free.” That state was New Hampshire, and the libertarians have joined hands with Republicans to impose their agenda on others who don’t share it. Earlier this spring, Free Staters proposed that New Hampshire secede and became an independent nation, but that proposal failed overwhelmingly, in part because enough people realized it was nutty and/or they didn’t want to give up their Social Security.

Dan Barry wrote in The New York Times about an effort by Free Staters in Croydon, New Hampshire, to cut the town’s school budget in half.

As is typical in many towns and cities across the nation, not many people show up for local elections, or in this…

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Carol Burris Explains the Changes to the Federal Charter Schools Program

Finally, The Federal Charter Schools Program is going to hold charter schools accountable.

The Federal Charter School Program was a toilet that literally flushed $440 million public dollars a year into a sewer of greed with no scrutiny, and the waste, fraud, and abuse was pandemic.

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Make no mistake: the changes to the federal Charter Schools Program a few days ago was a big win for supporters of public schools and a major defeat for the charter lobby, led by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

The Network for Public Education was proud to lead the fight to reform the Charter Schools Program, which started in 1994 as a tiny program to help jumpstart new charters but turned into a slush fund to pump federal money into giant charter chains like KIPP, IDEA, and Success Academy, all of which are very well funded by their billionaire board members and friends.

The charter lobby, overflowing with cash, bought ads on major television programs to fight the Department’s effort to regulate the federal funding of charters, especially the proposed exclusion of for-profit charter operators. The Network for Public Education did not have millions or even hundreds of…

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Overturning Abortion Rights is Fascism – Pure and Simple

Overturning Abortion Rights is Fascism – Pure and Simple


The US Supreme Court is a fascist organization.

Let me cut right to the chase to explain why.

This week the conservative majority (I won’t call them justices) overturned Roe v. Wade – the landmark 1973 decision that expanded access to abortion nationwide.

This is on top of decisions deeply wounding state’s rights to make gun regulations, to hold police civilly accountable for reading suspects their Miranda rights, and even the separation of Church and State in regard to public funding of parochial schools.

Let me be very clear – this is not about consistency based on legal precedent or interpretation of the law. It is ideology – pure and simple.

In the case of abortion, these four men and one woman did it because they wanted to. That’s all.

And they wanted to for a while now. They each lied to Congress during their confirmation hearings.

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Confession! How I Was Groomed by My Elementary School Teachers

Christopher Rufo doesn’t care about children or what parents think of their local public schools. He only cares about himself, his hate, and the dangerous lies he spews to support that hate.

Christopher Rufo “has no interest in the sexual abuse of children in private or charter schools. Nor does he mention churches. For that matter, he has nothing to say about the Republican Party: Its longest-serving speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, was a child molester, and the next GOP Speaker of the House may be Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who has been accused by eight former students of helping cover up the sexual abuse of wrestlers at Ohio State University.”

But Christopher Rufo, another extremist on the far-right catering to the hateful, dangerous, MAGA mindless mob, says OUR public-school teachers are grooming children to be abused sexually by pedophiles. I was a public teacher for thirty years.

Should the more than THREE-MILLION public school teachers across the United States take Rufo to court and sue him for slander and libel?

Now, lets learn what most parents think. Do they agree with Christopher Rufo and the other hateful liars like him?

“How satisfied are you with the quality of education your oldest child is receiving? Would you say you are completely satisfied, somewhat satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied or completely dissatisfied?”

In 2021, 73 percent were satisfied with the quality of education their oldest child was receiving.

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Intercept published a stunning confession by a young man about his “grooming” by an elementary school teacher.

Jon Schwarz writes:

Anyone following the news knows the U.S. right is now obsessively accusing public school teachers, especially ones who are LGBTQ+, of being “groomers” — i.e., pedophiles. It’s both astonishingly vile and horrifyingly cynical.

This kind of propaganda — that some minority group is plotting to harm our children — has always been the specialty of history’s most vicious political movements. Today’s version is just one step away from the Taliban’s violent loathing of education, and two steps from declaring that teachers are using the blood of children to make their unleavened bread. Ignorant audiences have always been vulnerable to these fairy tales, which is why the abuse of children is a popular theme of literal fairy tales.

At the same time, the right-wing figures who spew out this…

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Top 5 Charter School Myths Debunked 

Top 5 Charter School Myths Debunked 

All five of those “myths” started out as misleading war-like propaganda being spread by what I call The Destroy Public Education Crime Syndicate as lies and misinformation first and that crime syndicate is still spreading those lies to keep the false myths they birthed alive.


If there’s one thing people love to argue about, it’s charter schools.

Go to any school board meeting, PTA forum or editorial page, and you’re bound to see folks from all different walks of life getting red in the face over these institutions.

But what are they anyway? And why do they generate so much passionate disagreement?

To answer these questions and many more, I’m going to examine five of the most pernicious myths about charter schools, debunk the fallacies and come to the simple truths.

1. Charter Schools are Public Schools 

That’s what charter school supporters say, anyway. But it’s only partially true.

In short, charter schools are schools that were opened by special arrangement (or charter) with a state or authentic public school district that allows them to exist without having to abide by all the rules and regulations that govern all the other schools. Thus, the charter…

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Please Support the U.S. Department of Education’s Proposals to Regulate Federal Funding of Charter Schools

Help the United states get rid of greed from K-12 education by removing for-profit private companies and the corruption and fraud that comes with their greed from opening Charter Schools

Diane Ravitch's blog

This year, for the first time since the federal Charter Schools program was established in 1994, the U.S. Department of Education is setting forth meaningful regulation of the program. This is a historic development and great news for those of us who have watched the charter industry escape accountability and transparency, while tolerating grift and profiteering.

As the Network for Public Education showed in two major reports (Asleep at the Wheel and Still Asleep at the Wheel), the federal charter program is riddled with waste, fraud, and abuse. Nearly 40% of the charter schools funded by this program either never opened or closed soon after opening. About $1 billion was wasted.

The Department has made a good faith effort to repair the negative aspects of the Charter School Program and to create regulations that would put guardrails in place for charter schools.

There are three key features to…

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How Dangerous Is Children’s Literature?

The FEAR and POWER engine of the fascist, extreme-right [that’s fallen off the edge of their flat earth] kleptocratic crime syndicate declared war on I NEED A NEW BUTT!

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Toby Price, an assistant principal of an elementary school in the Hinds County School District in Mississippi, was fired because he read a book to second graders on Zoom called I Need a New Butt! The school board did not approve. Nor did the superintendent.

The school was participating in “Read Across America” day to honor Dr. Seuss’s birthday and to encourage children to love reading. Mr. Price thought the children would find the book hilarious, and they did. But they also got a lesson in the power and danger of books when Mr. Price was fired a few days later. He’s trying to get his job back and has a GoFundMe to support his family and pay a lawyer.

When I first read this story, I sent it to Carol Burris, my friend and executive director of the Network for Public Education. She immediately responded that she must…

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Bob Shepherd: The Dirty Secret of the Standardized Testing Industry

The dirty secrets of the very profitable private=sector testing industry: SHOCKING low quality tests that do not test what OUR children in OUR public schools learn from their teachers. And Private Charter Schools taking money away from Public schools “don’t have to follow the same regulations from states, municipalities and school districts as traditional public schools.”

Diane Ravitch's blog

Bob Shepherd, a frequent contributor to the blog, is an education polymath. He has authored textbooks, written assessments, developed curriculum, and was most recently a classroom teacher in Florida. He has a long history in the education industry.

He explains here why standardized testing today is neither valid nor reliable.

He begins:

The dirty secret of the standardized testing industry is the breathtakingly low quality of the tests themselves. I worked in the educational publishing industry at very high levels for more than twenty years. I have produced materials for all the major textbook publishers and most of the standardized test publishers, and I know from experience that quality control processes in the standardized testing industry have dropped to such low levels that the tests, these days, are typically extraordinarily sloppy and neither reliable nor valid. They typically have not been subjected to anything like the validation and standardization procedures…

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Arizona Parent: I Got a Voucher But No School Would Take My Special-Needs Child

Discover what publicly-funded education discrimination programs are doing to OUR public schools. This terminal cancer is spreading from the private sector, one school district and one state at a time from the bottom up.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Pamela Lang, a parent of a child with special-needs in Arizona, wrote for Public Voices for Public Schools about her terrible experience finding a school for her son.

She writes:

I may not look like your typical public school advocate. I’m not opposed to private schools, and I even use a voucher for my son. I’ve also always loved public schools and advocated for our elected representatives to do a better job of funding and resourcing these valuable community institutions. Frustratingly, I’ve watched as morally-bankrupt radical special interests have spent decades undermining our public schools, chipping away at them year after year, until they start to buckle under the shear strain.

I would love to enroll my son at our local community public school. But I live in Arizona and my son has special needs, meaning the resources to educate my child here had already been stripped away through…

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Tim Slekar: We Do Not Have a Teacher Shortage

There’s isn’t a shortage of teachers that want to teach, but there are teachers that are leaving the profession because of the decades long war of words and horrible rules and even worse policies that has been waged on public education that makes it almost impossible to teach.

This war was declared back in the 1980s by Republican President Ronald Reagan, a war that escalated with No Child Left behind decades later by another Republican President G. W. Bush, and then again by Democratic President Obama.

President Traitor Trump also continued that war and so is Democratic President Joe Biden.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Tim Slekar, Director of the Educator Preparation Program, Muskingum University of Ohio. He insists we do not have a teacher shortage. We have a shortage of respect for teachers as professionals. He wrote the following:

Enough Already! It’s NOT a teacher shortage.

The public is not begging for teachers yet, but districts are. At some point, if this pathway does not change, the public will also be begging for teachers.” Scott Klimek

It was 9:55 am and Mrs. Tichon’s kindergartners were focused on the literacy task at hand. Every Monday morning at 9:45 Mrs. Tichon’s 26 kindergartners had to spend 15 minutes completing a district mandated “literacy check.” And every Monday three of Mrs. Tichon’s children never finished at 10:00 am and had to miss recess. 

Not today though! Mrs. Tichon had had enough. At 10:00 am she announced to her class that it was time to turn in…

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