Evidence of a Corporate Reformer Pretending to be something he isn’t

12 Apr

Lloyd Lofthouse

For the last few weeks, occasionally, the phone rings, and the call ends up being for one of the candidates running in a special election in California’s State Senate District 7 (where I live) that will be held on May 19.  There are two candidates in this runoff election, and both are Democrats, but I think one of them is a corporate loving, teacher bashing, union hating, corporate reformer pretending to be something he isn’t.

The two candidates are Steve Glazer and Susan Bonilla. Bonilla is in the state legislature and identities herself as an educator. Campaign literature for Glazer claims he is a mayor and a university trustee.

The phone rang a few days ago, and I ended up talking to someone working in Glazer’s campaign, who claimed this was a dirty campaign and inferred that Bonilla was responsible for the dirt and lies. Then this guy went…

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2 responses to “Evidence of a Corporate Reformer Pretending to be something he isn’t

  1. Jodie

    June 14, 2015 at 14:08

    And this lying sack of slime-ball shit sack won that election

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      June 15, 2015 at 08:18

      Yes, the slime-ball did win but the reason for that: studies show that 9!% of the candidates that win elections spent more money then the loser. With Citizens United, the U.S. Supreme Court literally and legally gifted the United States to the 0.1%. Now, all the oligarchs and corporations have to do is keep outspending any candidate who does not do what they want and eventually there will be no semblance of the republic left that we once had.

      EVERYTHING will end up focused on what benefits the profits of corporations and the thinking of the oligarchs. The rest of the people will be irrelevant.


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