MTA vs. Personalized Learning: “We Can Fight it.”

23 Jun

The Massachusetts Teachers Association overwhelmingly takes a stand against the for-profit attempt by autocratic-led corporations from taking over community-based, democratic, transparent, non-profit, traditional public education. This is a war between the corporate autocrats that worship at the altar of avarice and support secrecy in all things, and the U.S. Constitutional Republic and its democracy that safeguards the rest of the American people from the tyranny greed and power.

Emily Talmage Blog

This May, the Massachusetts Teacher Association (MTA) broke from national union leadership by taking a bold stance against “personalized learning” initiatives.

In an email to members, president of the MTA, Barbara Mandeloni, announced the union’s opposition to a public-private partnership between the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and LearnLaunch, whose mission is to “catalyze personalized learning enabled by technology in K-12 public education.” The partnership, known best by its acronym, MAPLE, was established with seed money from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, whose influence in New England is hard to overestimate.

The unprecedented move also calls for the creation of a web page to to combat the harmful effects of unvalidated ed tech products on students and to “defend teachers’ professional judgment and standards against interference by business interests.” It also issues a call for the MTA to update its 2016 report,Threat to…

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