Jeff Bryant: Why Is There Bipartisan Support for Charter Scams and Corruption?

25 Jun

I don’t trust corporations. That distrust was earned. Corporations are profit generating cancers that will crush anyone and anything that gets in the way of profits. But I have always trusted public school teachers. I do not trust teachers that work in the private sector without the protection of due process rights and where the boss/investors are motivated primarily by those profits. Profits should never be the goal of schools supported with public dollars.

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Jeff Bryant points out an irony that should enrage every taxpayer and citizen: Both major political parties love charter schools, despite the numerous scandals that accompany unregulated, unaccountable charters.

Here is a part of his great piece on the malfeasance that is now commonplace in the charter industry. There are many links:

“Charter schools have become a fetish of both Democratic and Republican political establishments, but local news reports continue to drip, drip a constant stream of stories of charter schools doing bad stuff that our tax dollars fund.

“An independent news outlet in New Orleans, where the school district is nearly 100 percent charter, reports that two homeless children were kept out of class for a month because they didn’t have monogrammed uniforms.
In Oakland, California, a state-based news outlet reports charter school enrollment practices ensure charter schools get an advantage over district schools when academic performance comparisons…

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