Carol Burris: Arrest Me! I’m Guilty of Encouraging Opt Outs!

22 Aug

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Carol Burris recently retired as principal of South Side High School in Rockville Center on Long Island, Néw York. She is now executive director of the Network for Public Education. She read recently that MaryEllen Elia, the new Commissioner of Education in New York, said that she would be “shocked” if any educators encouraged parents to opt out of state testing, and she said such educators (if they existed) were “unethical.”

Burris wrote:

“Well, Ms. Elia, be shocked. I am turning myself in to your ethics squad. I absolutely encouraged the opt-out movement last year. In fact, I did so right here on the Answer Sheet. I don’t think I could have been clearer when I wrote this:

‘But there comes a time when rules must be broken — when adults, after exhausting all remedies, must be willing to break ranks and not comply. That time is now. The…

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One response to “Carol Burris: Arrest Me! I’m Guilty of Encouraging Opt Outs!

  1. John

    August 22, 2015 at 10:15

    From objection to resistance. That is the movement. It will not be stopped by people such as MaryEllen Elia.


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