California: The Network for Public Education Action Fund Endorses John Chiang for Governor

John Chiang should be elected governor of California in 2018. The other candidates are the property of out of state billionaires.

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California is holding a gubernatorial election this year. Three candidates lead the field. Antonio Villaraigosa, former mayor of Los Angeles and a strong supporter of privatizing public schools; Gavin Newsom, former mayor of San Francisco and noncommittal on privatization; and John Chiang, State Treasurer and advocate of charter accountability, is a strong supporter of public schools.

If no candidate wins a majority, the two top candidates will face one another in a runoff.

The Network for Public Education Action Fund enthusiastically endorses John Chiang for Governor.

When John Chiang responded to our survey, he emphasized his support for good public schools for all students.

When we asked John what he would do if elected, he said the following:

“I plan to restore academic success by increasing per-pupil funding, reducing class sizes, and moving towards providing free tuition for two years of community college. We also need to address underlying factors…

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Network for Public Education Releases a Parents’ Guide to Online Learning

Online learning comes with risks and few know how much a child actually learns. Mounting evidence is also revealing that too much screen time damages a child’s brain and ability to think.

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March 9, 2018

For more information contact:
Carol Burris, NPE Executive Director


Kew Gardens, New York – Today the Network for Public Education (NPE) released a new report, Online Learning: What Every Parent Should Know, in response to the growing dependence on technology in K-12 education. Schools are increasingly implementing digital instruction, often requiring that students use online programs and apps as part of their classwork. Many students even attend a virtual, full-time charter school, never meeting teachers or classmates face to face.

Yet there is scant evidence of educational technology’s success and growing concerns regarding its negative impact. This guide presents a frank assessment of the intended and unintended consequences of online learning in K-12 school and offers questions parents should ask principals if their child’s school adopts computerized programs to deliver instruction, assessment or behavior management.

Rachel Stickland, Co-Chair of the Parent Coalition…

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Tom Ultican: California School Administrators Endorse Favorite of Billionaire Boys Club

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As retired high school teacher Tom Ultican writes: This makes no sense.

The California Association of School Administrators endorsed Marshall Tuck, the candidate of the privatization movement, in the race for State Superintendent of Instruction, and snubbed Tony Thurmond, a steadfast friend of public education.

The Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Back-Stabs Public Education

Read his post to see where Tuck’s money comes from.  It’s the Destroy Public Education Movement.

The old familiar faces. Walton, Broad, Jobs,Hastings, Fischer.  And more that you will recognize.

I urge my friends in California to vote for Tony Thurmond. He supports public schools, and we should support him.

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Naive Expert Greater Threat than Fake News

The fake experts supporting corporate reform of public education, so a
few frauds and cons can make a lot of money off of taxpayers at the expense of teachers and children, deserve to be frozen in hell longer than forever.

radical eyes for equity

Writer, occasional visiting professor, and “renowned public scholar,” John Warner takes to social media regularly to opine about the failures of pundits and high-profile Op-Ed commentators, notably the ever-dreadful David Brooks. This Tweet strikes at what I have labeled the “naive expert”:

My response was something like “Welcome to my world!” since educators, practitioners and scholars, have worked through the high-stakes accountability era under that exact environment: Politicians, the public, and pundits holding forth on teaching and learning as if no practice or research has ever existed, and then, policy being adopted that seems…

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Parents Across America: A Detailed Critique of the Dangers of Screen Time for Young Children

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Parents Across America (an independent group of parent activists that is critical of the commercialization and corporate takeover of education) has created a valuable resource about the effects of screen time on children. 

It is titled “Our Children @ Risk.”

The paper is 26 pages long. It contains extensive documentation.

It is a valuable resource in light of the profit-driven effort to promote EdTech in the schools without regard to is effects on children.

Here is the introduction:

“Children have a basic right to live in environments that promote their social, emotional and intellectual well-being. They have the right to grow up, and parents have the right to raise them, without being undermined by greed.” Susan Linn

“Parents Across America has developed a position paper and associated informational materials which detail a number of concerns about the invasion of EdTech* into our schools, and which we have collected under the…

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Teacher: I Signed Up to Teach Art History, Not to Carry Weapons or Die

One mother and teacher says, “How dare you make me into a hero when I just want to teach.”

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Rebecca Field is a teacher of art history in Richmond, Virginia. She wrote a powerful letter that got the attention of CNN and went viral. 

She wrote:

Dear every elected official,

Nowhere in my contract does it state that if the need arises, I have to shield students from gunfire with my own body. If it did, I wouldn’t have signed it. I love my job. I love my students. I am also a mother with 2 amazing daughters…. I imagine that if someone was trying to kill my students, that I would try to save them with all my being. I probably would jump on top of a child to save her life. And yes, I might be one of those heroic teachers that the media writes tributes to after their death. But I am furious that I would have to make this sacrifice. I am incensed that my…

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Peter Greene: Center for American Progress Calls for Doubling Down on Failed Reforms

Education reform has nothing to do with improving the education of our children. It has everything to do with weakening the public sector, strengthening extreme fundamentalist Christianity and/or stealing public dollars to add wealth to the already Alt-Right wealthy.

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During the Obama years, the Center for American Progress reliably cheered on the administration’s education policies. As one after another failed, CAP never backed down. Charter schools good. Closing schools good. Common Core great. Despite the convergence of evidence that these policies did not work, that they destabilized fragile urban neighborhoods, that they demoralized teachers and created shortages, CAP never wavered.

As Peter Greene shows in this post, the CAP has learned nothing from the past 15 years of failed reforms. They are still pushing policy ideas cribbed from the GOP.

They still are pushing state takeovers and turnarounds.

He writes:

”And what example do folks who support takeovers and turnarounds like to cite? Of course, it’s New Orleans. Do we really have to get into all the ways that the privatization of the New Orleans school system is less than a resounding success? Or let’s discus the Tennessee experiment…

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