Why the Colorado Democratic Party Denounced DFER

Explained: Why corporate, authoritarian, greedy education reformers don’t find children worthy of a school.

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Democrats for Education Reform is an organization founded, funded, and led by hedge fund managers who support charter schools and high-stakes testing. They raise money to elect likeminded people across the country and are a key part of the Dark Money world of fundraisers for privatization of public schools.

On Saturday, the Colorado Democratic Party passed a strong resolution opposing privatization of public schools and demanding that DFER stop calling themselves “Democrats.”

Here is the story of the state Democratic convention, as reported in Chalkbest.

Colorado has been fertile ground for corporate reform, and DFER has been a source of funding for candidates for the state board, the Denver board, and other critical races. Senator Michael Bennett, once a superintendent of the Denver public schools, is a DFER favorite. So are two current candidates for governor, Jared Polis (who is so rich he doesn’t need DFER money) and former TFA…

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Tom Ultican: The Problem of Fake Teachers, Fake Administrators, Fake Schools

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Tom Ultican has been chronicling the doings of the Destroy Public Education Movement, as it tears a path through urban districts across the nation.

In this post, he tackles the DPE invention of new credentials for people who didn’t have time to get real ones.

He begins like this:

”The destroy public education movement (DPE) has given us teach for America (Fake Teachers), Relay Graduate School (Fake Schools) and the Broad Superintendents Academy (Fake administrators). None of these entities are legitimately accredited, yet they are ubiquitous in America’s major urban areas.

“There was a time in the United States of America when scoundrels perpetrating this kind of fraud were jailed and fined. Today, they are not called criminals; they are called philanthropists. As inequitable distribution of wealth increases, democratic principles and humane ideology recede.

“It is time to fight the 21st century robber-barons and cleanse our government of grifters…

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The Network for Public Education Action Fund Endorses Tony Thurmond For California State Superintendent

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The Network for Public Education Action Fund is pleased to endorse Tony Thurmond for the post of State Superintendent of Public Instruction for the state of California. As an organization, we are committed to the improvement and preservation of public education. We oppose privatization in all ite forms, including charters, cybercharters, and vouchers. Thus, Tony Thurmond was the right choice for us, in light of his record.

“The Network for Public Education Action is proud to endorse East Bay Assemblyman, Tony Thurmond, for California State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

“Assemblyman Thurmond has been a member of the State Assembly since 2014. He serves on the Assembly Committee on Education, and has made education policy his top priority. Before serving in the legislature, he was on the West Contra Costa Unified School District Board for four years.

“Thurmond is passionate about improving public schools. His public school education prepared him for…

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“In the Spirit of Holy Week”: Veneer Is Not Enough.


Heads Up: It’s political!

One of the downsides of Twitter is its immediacy.

If one is not careful, one can toss off a tweet that comes back to haunt in full force.

Such is the case of FOX News talk show host, Laura Ingraham, and her use of a single word: “whines”:

Ingraham did not have to use the word, “whines.” She could have chosen a neutral term, such as “talks.” Or she could have altered a phrase, replacing “whines about it” with “expresses disappointment.”

One problem with Ingraham’s tweet is that it is inaccurate: Hogg was not whining.

I watched Hogg’s interview with TMZ, the video upon which the article Ingraham tweeted is based.


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Washington Post: Why Oklahoma Teachers Are Likely to Strike

Teachers are finally starting to stand up and fight back. It’s about time.

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The Washington Post writes here about Oklahoma’s abysmal treatment of teachers and a decade of budget cuts. 

Teachers are working second jobs to make ends meet. Some have to resort to food pantries at the church to feed their families. It is amazing that anyone wants to teach in a state that treats teachers so disrespectfully.

“Oklahoma teachers are among the nation’s lowest paid, and ­despite the governor and lawmakers approving a $6,100 raise this week, educators pledge to walk out Monday if their full demands — including restoration of budget cuts — are not met. For a decade, little has been done to address the plight of the state’s teachers. It is a situation that has forced many to take second jobs, rely on food pantries and donate their plasma to pay the bills.

“The revolt in Oklahoma comes amid a wave of teacher protests that have no recent…

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Florida Offering Big $$$$ Inducements and Freedom from State Laws to Woo Corporate Charter Chains

If Florida legislators think that state laws are unnecessary for charter operators, why are they necessary for public schools?

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The Florida Legislature is firmly controlled by advocates for privatization, some with direct conflicts of interest because of their ties to charter chains. Last year, it passed the “Schools of Hope” law, creating a new program to bring in charter operators to compete with or take over low performing schools.

There has not exactly been a gold rush by charter operators but two have stepped forward and are having trouble meeting the state’s minimal criteria. (I got a one-day complimentary subscription to Politico Pro, so you may not be able to access the full  access the full article).

“A controversial program signed into law in June called “Schools of Hope” gives charter school networks designated as “Hope Operators” the ability to open a “School of Hope” within five miles of a persistently low-performing public school. Those operators, collectively, get access to a pot of tens of millions of dollars to…

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California: The Network for Public Education Action Fund Endorses John Chiang for Governor

John Chiang should be elected governor of California in 2018. The other candidates are the property of out of state billionaires.

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California is holding a gubernatorial election this year. Three candidates lead the field. Antonio Villaraigosa, former mayor of Los Angeles and a strong supporter of privatizing public schools; Gavin Newsom, former mayor of San Francisco and noncommittal on privatization; and John Chiang, State Treasurer and advocate of charter accountability, is a strong supporter of public schools.

If no candidate wins a majority, the two top candidates will face one another in a runoff.

The Network for Public Education Action Fund enthusiastically endorses John Chiang for Governor.

When John Chiang responded to our survey, he emphasized his support for good public schools for all students.

When we asked John what he would do if elected, he said the following:

“I plan to restore academic success by increasing per-pupil funding, reducing class sizes, and moving towards providing free tuition for two years of community college. We also need to address underlying factors…

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