Education Week: Charter High Schools Have Lower Graduation Rates Than Public High Schools

Another study reveals (again) that publicly funded, private-sector, make-someone-rich, corporate charter high schools have a lower graduation rate than real public high schools.

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Education Week conducted a survey of graduation rates and discovered that charter high schools have lower graduation rates than public high schools.

Of course, charter apologists had many explanations and excuses but they apparently forgot their original claim that they would be far, far better than public schools.

A story by Arianna Prothero and Alex Hardin begins:

”At nearly 1,000 U.S. high schools, the chance of students graduating on time is no better than the flip of a coin. And charter schools—which were born to create more options for students—make up an outsized share of the number of public schools persistently graduating less than half of their students.

“An analysis of federal data by the Education Week Research Center identified 935 public high schools with four-year graduation rates of less than 50 percent in 2016-17, the most recent year available. Of those, 54 percent are charter schools. That’s one-quarter…

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Indiana Pays Millions to Virtual Charters that Educate No One

The only fraud bigger than Indiana’s online charter schools is Donald Trump.

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What a Business!

The stateof Indiana shells out millions of dollars to virtual charter schools that educate no one.

Even Republican legislators thank this this could be a waste of taxpayers’ dollars.

“Top state education leaders called it a “scandal” and “serious” that two Indiana virtual charter schools are accused of counting toward their enrollment thousands of students who either never signed up for or completed classes.

“This should be a massive alarm bell that outright fraud has been committed against Hoosier taxpayers to the tune of millions of dollars,” said Gordon Hendry, a state board of education member who led a committee last year to review virtual schools. “If this isn’t a scandal, I don’t know what is.”

“The harsh words came a day after Indiana Virtual School and its sister school, Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy, were put on notice that their charter agreements could be revoked by their…

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Los Angeles: Tomorrow, Vote for Jackie Goldberg for School Board

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Tomorrow is the day when voters in Los Angeles will pick the swing vote on the school board.

Mid you live in District 5, please vote for Jackie Goldberg.

She is the most experienced and most knowledgeable candidate in the race. She will speak out against the billionaires who hope to control the board. She will speak up for students, teachers, parents, and public schools.

To learn where the money is coming from and who is getting it, read the latest from Sara Roos, the Red Queen in LA.

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California: Legislature Passes Historic Charter Accountability Bill

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During Governor Jerry Brown’s tenure in office, he vetoed all efforts to hold charter schools accountable, to consider their fiscal impact, or to limit their numbers. Those days are over under Governor Gavin Newsom. 

Edsource reports:

“The chairman of the Assembly Education Committee and several Democratic colleagues introduced a package of bills Monday that would impose severe restrictions on the growth of charter schools.

“Three of the bills would eliminate the ability of charter schools to appeal rejected applications to the county and state, place an unspecified cap on charter school growth and enable school districts to consider the financial impact of charter schools when deciding whether to approve them. A fourth bill would abolish the right of a charter school that can’t find a facility in its authorizing district to locate a school in an adjoining district.

“Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell, D-Long Beach, who chairs the Education Committee, said the…

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National Education Policy Center: Has the Tide Turned Against Vouchers?

School vouchers that TAKE money from public schools are a pet project of autocratic, corrupt billionaires and the majority of American people have repeatedly voted against school vouchers for decades. Why do the billionaire oligarchs keep spending huge sums of money to promote these school vouchers that most Americans do not want?

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The National Education Policy Center asks whether the tide has turned against vouchers.

i would argue in response to their question that there was never a tide favoring vouchers except among politicians who took campaign contributions from voucher supporters or who ideologically hate everything public.

No public referendum on vouchers has ever endorsed them. The latest was in Arizona in 2018, where two-thirds of voters opposed vouchers while re-electing a rightwing governor funded by the Koch machine.

Vouchers lost in Florida in 2012, despite the support of Jeb Bush, and despite the fact that the referendum was deceptively called a vote on “religious liberty.”

Vouchers lost in deep red Utah in 2007, overwhelmingly.

Indiana has the nation’s most expansive voucher program, but only 3.5% of kidsebrolled and most had never attended public schools. They were religious families looking for public. Only for their religious education.

NEPC sees other reasons toquestion…

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L.A. Teachers Will Rally on Behalf of Oakland Teachers

If these peaceful protests do not stop the Billionaire Bully’s Club from their agenda to destroy OUR (the people’s) public schools, there will eventually be a bloody civil war to stop the Billionaire Bullies just like the Founding Fathers stopped King George with a bloody revolution in the late 18th century.

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Oakland teachers are striking for higher wages and against school privatization by rapacious charters. A study by Professor Gordon Lafer of the University of Oregon showed that the Oakland district lost $57.4 million last year to charters.

Contact: Kim Turner, 213-305-9316, UTLA communications

LA teachers, supporters show solidarity with Oakland Strike

LOS ANGELES — Tomorrow morning, teachers and supporters across all schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District will show massive solidarity with the brave educators on strike in Oakland.

Like United Teachers Los Angeles members, Oakland educators are fighting to reinvest in public education and reject a privatization agenda. The Oakland Unified School District is claiming a fiscal crisis to justify closing schools and denying educators a decent pay raise, lower class sizes, and more support in the classroom. A key driver of Oakland’s budget crisis is the unregulated expansion of the charter industry…

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The U.S. Pledge of Allegiance or The Oath of Office

Lloyd Lofthouse

Would you believe me if I told you the Oath of Office came first and is more important than the Pledge of Allegiance?

No one should be forced to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school, before a football game, or anywhere else. Instead, we should be reciting the Oath instead of the Pledge that says we must be loyal to a piece of rectangular cloth colored red, white, and blue that hangs from a pole.

The Oath of Office is the same oath every incoming president of the United States recites as they rest a hand on a Bible and are sworn in.

In fact, all officers of the seven uniformed services of the United States swear or affirm an oath of office upon commissioning. It differs slightly from that of the oath of enlistment that enlisted members recite when they enter the service. It is required by statute…

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