A Good Teacher Beats a “Bad” Student

19 May

After I watched the video to the end, I Googled the topic and read several responses that made me angry since most are feeling sorry for the kid and not the teacher.

I taught in a tough, barrio high school surrounded by multi-generational, violent Latino gangs.

Over the years, I had hard-core gang bangers known as shooters in my classroom—meaning they had shot and killed rival gang bangers. One kid I taught had a price on his head from another gang and had killed several rivals. Not a year went by that one of these gang bangers didn’t threaten me.

Once, I witnessed a drive by shooting from my classroom as school let out with students streaming out of school while parents waited.  Another time, there was a shooting outside my classroom at night while I was working late with the editors of the school paper.

What I witnessed Sheri Davis doing to this dysfunctional kid was something I came close to doing several times during the thirty years I taught. I don’t blame her. I know what it is like to get angry with a kid like the one she beat. 

What she says in the tape is true. The system must change to deal with disruptive kids like the one she assaulted.  Instead, the system is too soft and talks to kids as if they actually listen and comply with all the self-esteem soft talk. Instead, those types of kids learn to play the system while they continue to terrorize teachers and other students.

Mr. D was in charge of discipline at the tough high school where I taught and he said 5% of the kids at our high school earned 90% of the 20,000 plus referrals written each year.   Having dealt with these types of kids and their parents, I’m sure the only thing those parents are thinking about is how much money they are going to get.  I can see the bumper sticker on their car now: GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY AND BEAT MY KID.

Watch the video but watch it all—hear what the lawyer and Ms. Davis have to say: Beating Caught on Tape: Teacher Speaks

I read once that there is an average of 5,000 students assaults on teachers in America annually but we don’t hear this type of outrage about that. After all, teachers are second-class citizens in the US who are the only Americans who can be tried for the same crime twice.

Assaults on teachers on the rise
Teachers in crisis: 1 school, 16 assaults

So, I call out to all those comments that expressed outrage at Sheri Davis beating one problem-causing idiot.  I do not feel sorry for this kid. After hearing about his behavior on a daily basis, there’s only one place for him—the US Marines for six years or prison and throw away the key.

What did you say or do when you read about a teacher being beat up by kids in school? Probably, you just shrugged and forgot about it as soon as possible. After all, in America, teachers are like broken glass to be stepped on and ground into the pavement.


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2 responses to “A Good Teacher Beats a “Bad” Student

  1. elaine chaika

    February 28, 2011 at 18:06

    Are you still posting to this blog? The issues you raise are important and should be discussed passionatley.

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      February 28, 2011 at 19:27


      I am planning to return to this Blog and continue discussing these issues I’ve touched on.

      However, since late January 2010, I’ve spent most of my time developing the platform Blog that supports my first two novels, which are historical fiction of 19th century China.

      In fact, I have touched on topics that would fit here that concern the Amy Chua, Tiger Mother Debate on iLook China dot net.

      In the last year, I’ve written more than eleven hundred posts and a half million words on China. I’ve been busy.

      My next book will be a memoir of one of the thirty years I was a teacher in the California public school. I started that book years ago and it is waiting for me to return. I plan to have a complete first draft this year. When I start writing seriously on that memoir again, I will start to post regularly here again. I’m hoping to get started by April 2011.


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