Stolen Language: Charter Schools Are Not “Public” Schools

28 Jun

No matter what you have been told, what you have read, what you think, corporate charter schools are NOT public schools. I want to stand and shout as loud as I can the world “Not!” Do not fall for that lie.

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On August 15, 2016,  the Post News Group published an op-ed entitled, “There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Public Charter School.'”

The piece was written by retired San Francisco State University adjunct professor, education activist, and Oakland, CA. resident, Ann Berlak. In short order, Berlak lays bare the lie behind the popularized message, “charter schools are public schools,” in such a clear, direct manner that I thought it worth sharing with my readers:

This year, more than a quarter of Oakland’s 49,000 students are attending one of its nearly 40 charter schools, far more per capita than anywhere else in the state.

Is this something for Oaklanders to boast about?

Not long ago I visited a school in Oakland to read to third graders on “Literacy Day.” On 
the way to the classroom I asked my guide if this was a charter or a public school. The 

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2 responses to “Stolen Language: Charter Schools Are Not “Public” Schools

  1. stiegem

    June 28, 2017 at 20:27

    I’m glad you reblogged this, LLoyd. Some people just don’t get it. They keep interchanging “public” with “charter”. It’s all in the understanding of the language.

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      June 29, 2017 at 08:51

      In the corporate world, they call this branding. To the profit mongers, those who worship their false god at Milton Friedman altar of avarice, it doesn’t matter if the branding is misleading or not. To find the right catchy logo as their brand, they will try different options out with focus groups and then stick with the one that works best – the one that will food the most people. Honesty and truth are not important to them. The only thing that counts is making money and to do that they have to convince customers to buy their product even if it is a cure-all snake oil with arsenic in it.

      For instance, the dairy industry did this with “Every Body Needs milk” and they didn’t stop running those ads until they lost in court for being misleading because everybody does not need milk. In fact, scientific studies show us that milk actually leaches more calcium out of our bones than it puts in leading to brittle bones later in life and then there is the fact that many people are lactose intolerant.

      Branding themselves as public charter schools is how they become accepted and a part of the norm in the public consciousness. I’ve noticed that even some teachers and parents that are against the corporate charter school movement start to fall for this term and use it when they shouldn’t.

      If taken to court for misleading the public, there is always the danger they would win if the case went to the (illegal) conservative packed U.S. Supreme Court. Gorsuch should not be on the court. An Obama choice should have been.


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