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Toxic Elections

The FAKE Democrat Marshall Tuck was and still is supported by the publicly funded, corporate charter school industry. I was a public school teacher in California for thirty years and I voted for Thurmond. I want all of the corporate charter schools closed. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction should represent the best interests of the public schools where almost 90-percent of the 6.5 million K-12 students attend — not the publicly funded, private sector, corporate charter school industry. These charter schools are not public schools because they do not answer to a publicly elected school board. Charter schools answer to a highly paid CEO and charter schools are not transparent in how they spend their money and operate like real public schools are.

Lloyd Lofthouse

The reason that voting has become a time-eating challenge is because of the tsunami of lies and half-truths that are designed to mislead voters. I have learned that none of the candidates can be trusted.

For that reason, I started each day by deleting all the campaign ads that arrived in my e-mail box without opening them.

I didn’t keep count of the hours spent reading and researching every candidate and all the Measures Submitted to Voters, but I do know that I spent more time making my decisions on this election than I have ever done before.

The first thing I did that probably cut the number of hours in half was to go through the “Contra Costa County Voter Information Guide with Sample Ballot” and cross out every Republican candidate before I started to do research. In previous elections, I gave every candidate a fair chance to gain…

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Tom Ultican: Who Should Be the Next Leader of California Schools? A Banker or a Social Worker?

In this election, California’s public school are on the auction block and many out-of-state, old, white billionaires are “investing” in Marshall Tuck’s election because they want to take over and profit from our public schools while controlling what and how our children are taught. Do NOT vote for Tuck.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Tom Ultican, retired teacher of physics and advanced mathematics in California, here describes the billionaires and bad policies behind Marshall Tuck’s campaign for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

He sees the Tuck campaign as a new front in the “Destroy Public Education Movement,” which he has written about extensively.

Here are some of the Big Money contributors to Tuck’s campaign:

The Waltons control Walmart and have been spending heavily to privatize public schools for more than three decades.

Bill Bloomfield is a rich guy from LA who has also poured $7,000,000 into independent expenditures for Tuck.

The Rogers family is the main local force behind the privatization of Oakland’s school system.

Doris Fisher founded The Gap with her husband Don. They have spent extensively promoting charter schools and were the first significant benefactors for the KIPP franchise.

Eli Broad is the only person to found two fortune 500 companies. He…

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What You Need to Know About FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)

Learn how FUD is destroying public education.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Earlier today, I posted about FUD, but I didn’t link to the article I wrote in Huffington Post in 2014.

The article was called “Understanding the Propaganda Campaign Against Public Education.”

Here it is.

Here is the Wikipedia history of FUD.

If you understand the purposeful uses of FUD, you can see the propaganda techniques employed by “reformers” to undermine public education.

The FUD campaign says “our public schools are failing,” “our public schools are obsolete,” “our public schools haven’t changed in a century,” but it is all disinformation.

It is FUD.

Our public schools are NOT failing. Our public schools are NOT obsolete. Our public schools have changed in many ways in the past century

The FUD purveyors will not tell you that charter schools do not get better test scores than public schools and usually get worse scores. They won’t tell you that more than 90% of charter…

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Senator Kemala Harris Endorses Tony Thurmond for State Superintendent of Public Instruction in California

Diane Ravitch's blog

You may have noticed that I have posted several times about the importance of electing Tony Thurmond to be the next Superintendent of Public Instruction in California. I do this because California is a very large, very important, very influential state. Even though California is a blue state, the privatizers have a strong Foothold there because there is a concentration of tech billionaires, Eli Broad, who believe that public schools should operate like businesses. It worked for them, so naturally they think it’s right to impose their beliefs on education. These billionaires’ influence is increased by the huge money flow into the state from out-of-State billionaires like Michael Bloomberg of New York City. Currently, the billionaires have placed their bets on Marshall Tuck, a candidate who morphed from banker to charter leader.

Tony Thurmond is a social worker and a legislator. He identifies with the kids he wants to…

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California: The Rightwing Money Behind Marshall Tuck’s Campaign for Superintendent of Schools

Meet America’s Christian version of Islam’s Taliban, ISIS, and Al Qaeda. These alleged Christians are called “The Gathering” and they are ruthless and powerful. They are working hard to take over the United States and also take over all of our lives.

Diane Ravitch's blog

California political activist Karen Wolfe writes in this article about the rightwing money behind Marshall Tuck’s campaign to become State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The campaign has been well endowed by the usual crowd of billionaires who want to undermine school boards and expand the charter industry. Tuck has raised at least $25 million so far, an unprecedented amount for the job of state superintendent, reflecting how badly the billionaires want control of the state.

By the end of the campaign, Tuck will likely have collected at least $30 million, far exceeding Tony Thurmond’s $10 Million, most of it from teachers and people committed to public schools and opposed to corporate influence in the schools.

Tuck, writes Wolfe, “has the same pro-privatizing platform that voters rejected when he was defeated for the position four years ago, and it’s the same education platform of Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush and John…

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The Coring of the Six Hundred (with apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

Bob Shepherd | Praxis

Row on row, row on row,

Row on row stationed

Sick at their monitors

Sat the six hundred.

“You may now type your Username”

Said the test proctor.

Set up for failure

Sat the six hundred.


“Enter your password key!

“Mercy upon you!

“During the testing

“No one can help you.”

Someone had blundered.

The unspoken truth. But

Theirs was not to make reply,

Theirs was not to reason why,

Theirs was but to do or die,

Theirs was but to try and cry.

Set up for failure

Sat the six hundred.


Text to the right of them

Complex, out of context,

Bubbles in front of them,

Plausible answers,

Tricky and tortured,

Boldly they bubbled and well

Though smack in the mouth of hell

Sat the six hundred.


This is what reading means,

Now that Gates/Pearson

Has reified testing

Far beyond reason.

Pearson not persons.

Plutocrats plundering

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Andrea Gabor: When School Choice Means No Choice

Diane Ravitch's blog

Andrea Gabor is the author of the new book, “After the Education Wars,” a penetrating account of the mistakes of the reform movement.

She writes here about the wrong turns taken by charter enthusiasts. How did a movement intended to unleash grassroots energy turn into an industry dominated by national corporate chains?

“When Albert Shanker, the legendary teachers’ union leader, promoted the idea of charter schools 30 years ago, he was hoping to create flexibility from the constraints of education bureaucracies and union contracts so teachers and communities could experiment and innovate.

“In the years since the first charter-school law was passed in Minnesota, in 1991, the charter movement has strayed far from Shanker’s original vision. Instead of community-based, educator-driven innovation, charters have grown into an industry dominated by like-minded management organizations that sometimes control hundreds of schools — some nationwide.

“These charter organizations have proliferated with the help of…

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