Michigan: For-Profit Charter Schools Are a Disaster

03 Mar

The primary goal of for-profit charters, that are publicly funded, literally stealing money from our K-12 public schools, is making money, growing wealth, not educating students.

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Cassandra Ulbrich is the former president of the Michigan State Board of Education. She is also a member of the board of the Network for Public Education. In this post, which appeared in Bridge Michigan, she describes the failure of for-profit charters, whose top goal is making money, not educating students.

She writes:

When it comes to education, Michigan’s number one. Unfortunately, that’s not a good thing.

Once again, Michigan has the dubious distinction of being the state with the highest percentage of charter schools run by for-profit corporations in the nation. Eighty-one percent of Michigan’s nearly 300 charter schools contract with private management companies, often referred to as Charter Management Organizations (CMO).


Casandra Ulbrich is the former president of the State Board of Education.

What do we get in exchange? Mediocre results and a lack of financial transparency.

As the former president of the Michigan State Board of…

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