Not So Fast, Betsy DeVos!

01 Nov

Discover the LIES that Betsy (the BEAST) DeVos repeats every chance she gets.

Betsy the Beast loves publicly funded, private sector charter schools that profit the few and rob from the many.

Betsy the BEAST hates democracy.

Betsy the BEAST hates real public schools even though the long term EVIDENCE proves they perform better than corporate charters and/or vouchers.

GFBrandenburg's Blog

I attended the official roll-out of the results of the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) a couple of days ago at the National Press Club here in DC on 14th Street NW, and listened to the current education secretary, Betsy Devos, slam public schools and their administrators as having accomplished nothing while spending tons of money. She and other speakers held up DC, Mississippi, and Florida as examples to follow. Devos basically advocated abandoning public schools altogether, in favor of giving each parent a “backpack full of cash” to do whatever they want with.

Some other education activists I know here in DC shared their thoughts with me, and I decided to look at the results for DC’s white, black, and Hispanic students over time as reported on the NAEP’s official site. (You can find them here, but be prepared to do quite a bit of work…

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