The Necessity and Importance of Teachers

30 Jun
The Necessity and Importance of Teachers

Corporate America clearly doesn’t think humans are necessary or these companies wouldn’t be in such a hurry to create artificial intelligence and replace human workers with robots. Since teachers are human and will sound the alarm to their human students, then they must go first to clear the way for the biggest genocide in human history — to replace most humans with machines.




Are teachers necessary?

That’s the question big business is asking.

Well, “asking” isn’t really the right word. They’re implying an answer.

Hedge fund mangers and ed tech soothsayers are betting hundreds of millions of dollars that educators aren’t really all that important.

They’re planning a future where real live people play a much smaller role in student learning.

They’re mapping out a world where kids don’t even have to go to school to grasp the basics, where learning can be accomplished anywhere but instigated, tracked, and assessed on-line through various computer platforms.

It’s called a learning ecosystem, personalized learning, competency based or individualized education. With little to no guiding principles, management or oversight, kids would engage in educational tasks on various devices in order to earn digital badges.

Children would bounce from a few hours of Khan Academy videos here to a software package there and

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