Laura Chapman Explains the Purpose of Standardized Testing

10 Apr

Discover how billionaires like Bill Gates supports selling information on our children gathered through test scores. This is data slavery and servitude to corporations.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Laura Chapman, retired arts educator, explains the goals of standardized testing:

She writes:

“Here is another reason to opt out.

Test scores are collected and then marketed by This non-profit is a sophisticated and well-funded system for gathering test scores and other information about students and parents, then selling that information. The website literally sells ads and licenses for access to test scores and other data on schools–public, private, and charter–with expansions planned for pre-school and daycare-centers.

This national data hog is funded by billionaire foundations unfriendly to public schools. The logos of the Gates, Walton, Robertson, and Arnold Foundations are prominently displayed. A list of 19 other supporters includes the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, Bradley Foundation, Goldman Sachs Gives, and New Schools Venture Fund among others. All of these supporters want to make public schools an artifact from the past.

Parents, if you patronize the tests, you…

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