Reader: The Non-Miracle of Success Academy’s Graduating Class of 17 Students

29 Apr

Why are the traditional public schools in New York City invisible to them media?
Success Academy (SA) and the media blasted the News about the 17 students (out of 73 or more who started out in this group) that graduated from SA’s first high school graduating class but do not mention the 31,400 African Americans that graduated with advanced regents and regents diplomas from New York City’s traditional public schools.

Diane Ravitch's blog

The senior class at Success Academy’s Liberal Arts High School has 17 members.

When they started in kindergarten, there were 73 students.

By the end of eighth grade, there were 32 students.

Four years later, there were 17, all of whom were admitted to college.

Gary Rubinstein wrote recently that we can’t be sure of the real attrition rate because some of the original 73 might have been excluded and replaced; unlike real public schools, Success Academy does not admit new students after third grade.

So impressed was SA’s board chairman, billionaire Dan Loeb, by the “success” of the high school with 17 graduating seniors that he gave Eva Moskowitz $15 million to add more high schools.

But one of our regular readers, who signs in as New York City Public School Parent, says the media should look to the public schools to find schools that consistently achieve success for…

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