11 Dec

More than half of college graduates are in jobs that do not require a college degree.

26% of jobs don’t even require a high school degree.

Forbes even ran a piece about 8 jobs that are in high demand that DO NOT require a college degree.

Why does every child half to be college/career ready and to achieve that why do we need to close public schools and standardized every child and force teachers to teach to a script?

DCGEducator: Doing The Right Thing

raise the roof inside copy

I have long known that students are individuals, each with their own style of learning. They come to classrooms with varying degrees of competencies. They come with a wide variety of interests, motivations, hopes and dreams. They come from a wide variety of socioeconomic and family environments, even within the same towns, districts or neighborhoods. So why are public schools presently being told to teach students as if they are all the same? Why are they being taught in a substandard and homogenized way?

All of you can decide on the answers to that question, and there are many that I will don’t rant about here. I have done plenty of that. It is not the time to rant. It is, as it usually is, the time to discuss and propose options and better solutions and better solutions.

It is a lie to say schools do not have high expectations…

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