If High Stakes Standardized Testing Fades, Lots of Awful Punishments for Students, Teachers, and Schools Would Disappear

23 Jun

Say NO to standardized testing!


In yesterday’s Washington Post, Valerie Strauss published a very hopeful column: It Looks Like the Beginning of the End of America’s Obsession with Student Standardized Tests.  I hope she is right.  Her column covers current efforts to stop the requirement for college entrance exams and the wave of testing in primary and secondary public schools that was enshrined in the 2002 No Child Left Behind Act. This post will be limited to examining the implications of the mandated standardized testing that, for two decades, has dominated America’s K-12 public schools.

Strauss begins: “America has been obsessed with student standardized tests for nearly 20 years.  Now it looks like the country is at the beginning of the end of our high-stakes testing mania—both for K-12 ‘accountability’ purposes and in college admissions.  When President George W. Bush signed the K-12 No Child Left Behind Act in 2002, the country began…

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2 responses to “If High Stakes Standardized Testing Fades, Lots of Awful Punishments for Students, Teachers, and Schools Would Disappear

  1. janresseger

    June 23, 2020 at 16:28

    Thanks, Lloyd, for reblogging!

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      June 23, 2020 at 17:53

      You are welcome. I have never been a fan of tests used to punish. Tests should be used as a tool teachers created and use to discover if his/her students and learning what is being taught, not to rank-and-punish anyone. If the teacher discovers students are not learning what he or she taught, then teach the same skills again but in a different way that will hopefully be learned by most if not all of the students.

      Learning is not a horse race where there are a few winners and many losers. Learning is a long-distance marathon where everyone that finishes is a winner regardless of test scores.

      High Stakes Standardized tests used to rank schools, and punish teachers and children are a crime against humanity, and anyone that profits from those tests should be stripped of their wealth and sent to prison for decades.


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