Comparing a virtual book tour to the traditional, and why go on a book tour in the first place?

08 Oct

Lloyd Lofthouse

Crazy is Normal: a classroom exposé started its virtual book tour journey on October 1 to November 15, 2014, and I do not expect to make a profit.

A profit would be nice, but as you read this post, you will discover that traditional publishers usually don’t expect a profit—if there is any—until long after the book tour—if there is one—because old fashioned book tours are rare and expensive.

Just in case you think every traditionally published author gets a book tour from a publisher, think again.

In March 2010, the Los Angeles Times reported, as the business of publishing changes, book tours increasingly look like bad risks. “In 99.9% of cases,” says Peter Miller, director of publicity at Bloomsbury USA, “you can’t justify the costs through regular book sales.”

Traditional book tours are expensive, because authors usually fly from city to city between states…

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2 responses to “Comparing a virtual book tour to the traditional, and why go on a book tour in the first place?

  1. Aquileana

    October 12, 2014 at 11:01

    Excellent post and accurate insights over here… I totally agree with you!.
    Thanks for sharing and best wishes, Aquileana 😀


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