PARCC on the March

13 May

One of the PARCC Empire’s Darth Vaders strikes back at Diane Ravitch.

Diane Ravitch's blog

After the recent PARCC tests were administered, a number of teachers went to social media to air their complaints about the quality and grade-level inappropriateness of the questions.

I posted one such article, which was originally on Celia Oyler’s blog. She is a professor at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Yesterday I received an email from Laura Stover of PARCC, telling me that my post contained copyrighted material, and I must take it down. Actually, it didn’t contain any copyrighted material, only a description of a test item, not the item itself. She actually wanted me to remove the link to Oyler’s post. I didn’t because the link is not copyrighted. I removed the paragraph referring to the test item.

I subsequently learned that that the same person wrote to Professor Oyler and threatened her with legal action if she didn’t delete her post and reveal the name of the…

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