Celebrities Fund Public Schools, Not Charter Schools

07 Jul

While greedy, power-hungry billionaires continue to support the growth of the private sector, publicly funded Charter Schools that often fail and end up closing their doors, some celebrities are supporting OUR public schools in innovative ways.

Diane Ravitch's blog

We have seen for many years that celebrities and billionaires love charter schools, though it is not apparent why since they are typically no better–and often much worse–than district public schools.

But there are a few signs of change.

The legendary singer Tony Bennett created the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts as part of the New York City school system. He and his wife Susan Crow Benedetto have established arts partnerships in nearly 40 more public schools, located in New York City and Los Angeles. They created an organization called “Exploring the Arts,” which promotes the arts in public schools and encourages youngsters to develop their creative talents. They began their mission in 1999, and it continues to grow.

In Los Angeles, two well-known figures in the entertainment industry asked Superintendent Austin Beutner if they could sponsor a public high school modeled on a successful program that they had…

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