New York Times: Shocking Expose of Underinvestment in Public Schools, Students, and Teachers

17 Apr

Do not forget to thank Charles and David Koch,ALEC and the Wal-mart Walton family and their wealthy old, white allies for the state of our community based, democratic, transparent, non-profit, unionized public schools.

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The New York Times published a shocking expose of the dreadful conditions in America’s public schools, due to underinvestment in buildings, supplies, and personnel.

The stories told in this long article demonstrate the lack of concern for students and education, and the dedication of teachers willing to put up with these conditions. The schools have not recovered from the deep budget cuts that followed the recession of 2008-2009.

After you read the responses from teachers and see how poorly they are paid, and how much they must take out of their own pockets for supplies for their classrooms, you have to wonder why teachers across the nation are not walking out en masse and protesting to their state legislatures.

The Times invited teachers “to show us the conditions that a decade of budget cuts has wrought in their classrooms.” They received comments from 4,200 teachers. The Times published a selections of…

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