Why the Colorado Democratic Party Denounced DFER

16 Apr

Explained: Why corporate, authoritarian, greedy education reformers don’t find children worthy of a school.

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Democrats for Education Reform is an organization founded, funded, and led by hedge fund managers who support charter schools and high-stakes testing. They raise money to elect likeminded people across the country and are a key part of the Dark Money world of fundraisers for privatization of public schools.

On Saturday, the Colorado Democratic Party passed a strong resolution opposing privatization of public schools and demanding that DFER stop calling themselves “Democrats.”

Here is the story of the state Democratic convention, as reported in Chalkbest.

Colorado has been fertile ground for corporate reform, and DFER has been a source of funding for candidates for the state board, the Denver board, and other critical races. Senator Michael Bennett, once a superintendent of the Denver public schools, is a DFER favorite. So are two current candidates for governor, Jared Polis (who is so rich he doesn’t need DFER money) and former TFA…

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One response to “Why the Colorado Democratic Party Denounced DFER

  1. reibelcastillo

    April 16, 2018 at 13:15

    Wow it’s everywhere even in Colorado It is a cancer the evils lovers of money are everywhre, at least the state of colorado is cold, but Florida is very hot, the hot of the heat or the flames of hells, it’s a crime because tax-payer money has been used to privatize what is our children, if I had a blog or if I had back up, apollo would expose the truth clearly, Florida is not any more the sunsine state it’s the hell state, Colorado it’s cold, I hope the Florida greddys not expand your gryddys bodys to anothers states, well who want to be a millionary?


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