11 Signs You’re A Future Teacher

19 Jul
11 Signs You’re A Future Teacher

The Education Activist

So many sleepless nights questioning the very foundations of what we call “education.”

  1. Someone is bound to bring up standardized tests since it’s what *everyone* is talking about. So in typical fashion, when you’re asked, “So, what are your thoughts on standardized tests?” (the person expecting a simple, “ugh, I hate them” response), you take a deep breath and share your soon-to-be dissertation on the dangers of high-stakes standardized testing, from the ways they they lead to teaching to the test and limiting curriculum, often eliminating subjects such as social studies and the arts; how they harm students of color through methods of tracking and labeling/sorting that unfairly classify them; how they are too often used to fire teachers and close schools/cause school turnarounds in the very places that school/teacher stability is needed most. And, like, there is really no evidence to prove that they have any value whatsoever…

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