Trump distracts to make Jeb’s horrific record on education, etc. appear “normal”

22 Jul

Reclaim Reform

Donald Trump serves a vital role for the corporate attacks against public services, especially public education, elderly and disabled people, children with special needs, earned and paid-for pensions, and other sane purposes served by a civilized society.

Donald Trump serves as a distraction to make Jeb seem like less than the corporate extremist he certainly is.

Trump distraction

Trump plays the angry, comic, side-show goon as Jeb plays the straight man in town after town. Jeb, meanwhile, steadily re-invents his own factual history regarding education and other issues. (We used to call this lying.)

Jeb condemns lobbyists in spite of his incredible pro-lobbiest history with Florida’s legalized, legislative corruption.

Jeb claims that he helps senior citizen voters even after he has cut away at their earned and paid-for benefits and pensions.

Jeb claims to be an anti-intellectual who doesn’t like or use big words even though he graduated Phi Betta Kapa and…

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