Cody 1:Gates 90Billion… Cody Wins!

08 Jan

Another review of Anthony Cody’s book, “The Educator and the Oligarch” I think that every voting citizen in the United States should read this book and learn about the REAL Bill Gates. If you are old enough to vote and you have never voted, then why bother because you can’t change a thing if you don’t get involved and vote. The thing is, Bill Gates is not a politician. He is a billionaire oligarch who buys politicians any way he can and then those elected officials do what Bill Gates wants them to do.

Education Under Attack


Anthony Cody’ book The Educator And The Oligarch meticulously documents the efforts of Bill and Melinda Gates and the Gates Foundation’s efforts to “reform” public education.  But more than a well-researched book, Cody documents how his criticism of the Gates Foundation led to a public dialogue (through online posts) with the foundation about the efficacy of the Foundation’s intent to change public education.

If you’re looking for evidence about the Gates’ plan to reform schools, this is an excellent resource with 350 references to articles, books, public speeches, YouTube videos, online documents, and personal communications.  Cody does an excellent job of weaving in these references with classroom-based insights about what might happen to public education if Gates is successful.

In 2012 Cody “received an email from a highly placed individual in the Gates Foundation” (p. 55).  This opened a dialogue with officials in the Gates Foundation and led to a series…

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