Steve Nelson: The Campaign to Destroy Public Education

23 Nov

Do you really want publicly funded (from the local taxes/fees we, the working class, pays) private sector charter schools that do not answer to anyone by their CEO and stockholders?

Do you really want to get rid of democratically elected school boards that are responsible to watch over public school districts, and our children, and who have to answer to local voters and parents?

Donald Trump is a private sector CEO. Do you want someone like him deciding how OUR children are treated in schools and what they are taught?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Steve Nelson, a retired educator, describes the calculated and underhanded effort to destroy public education, a ruse that proceeds by stealth and loaded language.

He begins:

The same fine folks who brought us the Critical Race Theory (CRT) scare tactic to win the Virginia gubernatorial election are now poised to bring our public education system to its knees and then put it out of its misery.

In an alarming New York Times column, Michelle Goldberg recounts an exchange with Christopher Rufo, the manipulative wizard behind the weaponizing of CRT for broad political purposes.  Rufo gleefully admits that the CRT gambit, combined with widespread pandemic frustration, provides a perfect storm for completion of the decades-long conservative goal of weakening and effectively eliminating “government schools.”

Conservatives have similarly weaponized the phrase “government schools” as an emotional trigger intended to disingenuously characterize public schools as institutional agents of a sinister plot to…

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