Confession! How I Was Groomed by My Elementary School Teachers

09 May

Christopher Rufo doesn’t care about children or what parents think of their local public schools. He only cares about himself, his hate, and the dangerous lies he spews to support that hate.

Christopher Rufo “has no interest in the sexual abuse of children in private or charter schools. Nor does he mention churches. For that matter, he has nothing to say about the Republican Party: Its longest-serving speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, was a child molester, and the next GOP Speaker of the House may be Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who has been accused by eight former students of helping cover up the sexual abuse of wrestlers at Ohio State University.”

But Christopher Rufo, another extremist on the far-right catering to the hateful, dangerous, MAGA mindless mob, says OUR public-school teachers are grooming children to be abused sexually by pedophiles. I was a public teacher for thirty years.

Should the more than THREE-MILLION public school teachers across the United States take Rufo to court and sue him for slander and libel?

Now, lets learn what most parents think. Do they agree with Christopher Rufo and the other hateful liars like him?

“How satisfied are you with the quality of education your oldest child is receiving? Would you say you are completely satisfied, somewhat satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied or completely dissatisfied?”

In 2021, 73 percent were satisfied with the quality of education their oldest child was receiving.

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Intercept published a stunning confession by a young man about his “grooming” by an elementary school teacher.

Jon Schwarz writes:

Anyone following the news knows the U.S. right is now obsessively accusing public school teachers, especially ones who are LGBTQ+, of being “groomers” — i.e., pedophiles. It’s both astonishingly vile and horrifyingly cynical.

This kind of propaganda — that some minority group is plotting to harm our children — has always been the specialty of history’s most vicious political movements. Today’s version is just one step away from the Taliban’s violent loathing of education, and two steps from declaring that teachers are using the blood of children to make their unleavened bread. Ignorant audiences have always been vulnerable to these fairy tales, which is why the abuse of children is a popular theme of literal fairy tales.

At the same time, the right-wing figures who spew out this…

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