Tom Moran Responds to New Jersey Bloggers about One Newark

04 Sep

A virtual debate is raging in Newark, New Jersey between a newspaper columnist and three blogger educators. The newspaper columnist clearly supports private-sector, for-profit corporate Charter schools, and he resorts to name calling instead of facts because there are no facts—without cherry picking—to support the privatization and destruction of democratically run public education in the United States and replacing them with corporate run schools that are opaque and are controlled by a small number of billionaire oligarchs. If the oligarchs win, democracy will lose.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Tom Moran, chief editorial writer for the Star-Ledger of New Jersey, responds here to the open letter written by three New Jersey bloggers, posted on their sites, and at blue

Here is Jersey Jazzman’s reply to Moran.

Moran was offended by the tone of the bloggers’ letter to him. The bloggers are offended by Cami Anderson’s One Newark” plan, which seeks to charterize large numbers of Newark’s public schools without consulting the Newark community.

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