Norm Scott: Charter Warns Parents about Dire Consequences for Late Pick-Ups

22 Sep

Who is drinking the corporate Charter Kool-Aid?

Infamous New York Charter threatens to send kids to jail and call Children’s Services if kids not picked up by parents by 3:45 PM. The public schools where I taught for thirty years still had teachers, staff and sports programs going until as late as 10:00 PM and starting before 7:00 AM. I think only ignorant fools believe corporate Charters are better than public schools, because they swallowed the corporate propaganda without question.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Talk about “no excuses”!

Blogger and retired teacher Norm Scott broke the story that Girls Prep Charter School in New York City posted a warning to parents about the dire consequences of arriving late to pick up their children. If the parent did not arrive by 3:45, the child would be taken to the local police precinct. Repeated failure to pick up on time would lead to a report to the city’s Administration for Children’s Services.

Referral to ACS might trigger an investigation of the parent and family. Chalkbeat picked up Scott’s report, based on an anonymous tip. ““You’re almost criminalizing parents. You’re calling them neglectful,” said Ocynthia Williams, an advocate with the Coalition for Educational Justice. “The bottom line is it’s a terrible policy for parent engagement at that school.”

Officials told Chalkbeat’s Geoffrey Decker that it was probably an idle threat. Girls Prep earlier came under criticism for…

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