NEWS: Info on New Orleans Graduation Rates Pre-Katrina

11 Jun

Catching Corporate Education Reforms lying through their (use your imagination for the last word)—this is something the RheeFormers do repeatedly.

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Today I read a May 2014 post, Charter Schools’ Memory Hole, written by Adam Hubbard Johnson.

His piece opens as follows:

Pre-Katrina New Orleans graduation numbers are charter school advocates’ exhibit A for reform. One problem: The U.S. and Louisiana Departments of Education say they don’t exist.

What Johnson attempted to do was track the supposed pre-Katrina New Orleans graduation rate of 54.4% to a primary source by contacting those who have cited this stat, including reporter Danielle Dreilinger and former state board member Leslie Jacobs.

Even the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) communicated to him that they did not have “published graduation rates” that went back that far (Johnson asked for 2002-04).

No primary source available.

Well. I have some graduation data on Orleans Parish pre-Katrina, and it comes from LDOE data.

Here is the process that I followed:

In his post, Johnson noted that the url for…

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