Jeff Bryant: How Billionaires Corrupted the School Leadership Pipeline

19 Oct

How EVIL and CORRUPT billionaires and out to destroy our public education system.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Jeff Bryant writes here about the billionaires who corrupted the school leadership pipeline. Chief among them, of course, is billionaire Eli Broad, who created an unaccredited training program as a fast track for urban superintendents.

Bryant has collected stories about how superintendents who passed through the Broad program hire other graduates of the program and do business with others who are part of their network. The ethical breaches are numerous. The self-dealing and the stench of corruption is powerful.

Bryant begins with the story of a phone call from Eli Broad to one of his graduates:

It’s rare when goings-on in Kansas City schools make national headlines, but in 2011 the New York Times reported on the sudden departure of the district’s superintendent John Covington, who resigned unexpectedly with only a 30-day notice. Covington, who had promised to “transform” the long-troubled district, “looked like a silver bullet” for all the…

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2 responses to “Jeff Bryant: How Billionaires Corrupted the School Leadership Pipeline

  1. Susan Lee Schwartz

    October 19, 2019 at 20:47

    Susan Lee Schwartz
    October 19, 2019 at 11:45 pm
    “Get used to it” is the defining phrase of this era where obscene wealth controls everything. No one in the MSM is giving the facts, the info about education: the power-elite’$ owns the conversation.
    “Who Should Be Writing About Education but Isn’t?”

    I want to see an article which says “Here Are The Real Voices of Education,” and it should begin with Diane Ravitch’s voice and all the people she features, Lloyd, Bob Shepherd. Catherine, Peter, Tom Jan etc, etc., Carol, Anthony, Leonie, and all the NPE voices,

    It is not there are no voices.. It is that there are 15,880 separate systems in 50 states, and there is NO VOICE that reaches the parents! Thus, the money wins because they own the MSM, the lobbyists and the whole $hebang!

    And of course, the voice of the professional teacher- practitioner, the only one who knows WHAT LEARNING LOOKS LIKE in that classroom, with those kids, was silenced, so inexperienced, novices could replace them — and follow the Gate$ curricula,.

    Thus, Walton and Broad have the pulpit — instead of listening to the VOICES of teachers explaining what a teacher needs and must do — to ENABLE and facilitate the LEARNING of CRITICAL thinking skills, so they can be APPLIED to any task.

    I know. I was a celebrated educator, and they came for me.
    But I still speak and write, and so must we all!

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      October 20, 2019 at 09:57

      The Walton and Broad mob of super-wealthy may have the money to control the voices most people here, but that voice is filled with lies designed to manipulate and those lies will catch up with “them” or their aires sometimes in the future. That could happen today or a century from now, but when that time comes, the blood of the tyrants (them) will flow like a river mingling with the blood of a population so angry that death is preferable to the chains the super-wealthy forged for the rest of us with their corrupted hunger for power.


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