Pennsylvania Blogger Has an Idea: Transparency

10 Jun

You may not know this, but there a war going that’s designed to destroy the democratically run public schools in the United States that really aren’t broken and don’t need to be reformed. They need some help—not much—but not destroyed and shut down.
The public schools that are as transparent as can be.
But the for profit, private sector, corporate run Charter schools that are mostly owned by the fake education reformers who will profit off the tax payer are as opaque as can be.
Read the rest of this post to discover why those fake schools in the profit driven corporate sector must be as transparent as the public schools they want to replace.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Keystone State Education Coalition
Pennsylvania Education Policy Roundup for June 3, 2014:

In God We Trust? How about a bill that would require charter and cyber schools to post their PA School Performance Profile scores prominently in any advertising paid for with public tax dollars?

Blogger Rant:

At a recent school board meeting I voted against authorizing a payment to Agora Cyber Charter School. Why? During the NCLB regime, Agora never once made AYP; this year their PA School Performance Profile Score was 48.3 (scale of 100). In my district, our Middle School score was 94; our High School score was 96.4. Agora is run by K12, Inc., a for-profit company founded by convicted bond felon Michael Milken. K12 paid it’s CEO $13 million from 2009 through 2013 and spent our tax dollars on over 19,000 local TV commercials. I do not believe Agora should receive one cent of…

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