KIPP gets to hide almost all important data from the public

Welcome to the autocratic, for profit, opaque world of often fraudulent corporate charter schools funded from the same public pot of money that supports the traditional community based, transparent, non-profit public schools. This is what tax payers are getting for their dollars—the legal theft of the century. Take from the middle class and give to the rich.

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The KIPP chain of charter schools has been criticized for a number of things, including high attrition rates among both teachers and students, high salaries for its CEOs, and large expenditures on advertising.

They are also allowed to hide most of that information from the public – something that no actual public school would be allowed to do. I am reprintinga few paragraphs from ‘Schools Matter’ on the topic:

We know that KIPP’s high attrition among students and teachers has been documented since 2008, even though KIPP has gone to great lengths to hide the facts that most teachers last less than three year and that the majority of entering 5th graders never reach 9th grade.

Their secrecy, however, took on new dimensions when theCenter for Media and Democracy (CMD) recently requested student enrollment and attrition information from the U. S. Department of Education.  

Since the U…

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