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What parents can learn from “The After School Routine”

Because I use the WordPress platform to Blog, I will Reblog the occasional post from another WordPress Blog that I want to share.  But this time, the post is from a Blog that uses Blogger as its platform, so I’m planting pull quotes and leaving links with a recommendation that parents should click and read “The After School Routine” by Robbie Cox.

Robbie Cox says, “The key to finding out anything is to ask questions. And I am never happy with one sentence answers. So I keep asking. ‘Oh? What did you do at recess?’ And I am able to find out more from her that she would not have volunteered.”

Study after study, survey after survey shows that the average American parent spends less than three-and-a-half minutes in meaningful conversation with their children in a week—and the time spent in meaningful conversation is shrinking. For example, years ago, the same surveys said it was five-minutes a day and that wasn’t enough.

The conversation that Robbie Cox is having with his nine-year-old daughter is daily and it is meaningful and it is linked to education—something every parent needs to know is what is going on at school with their child.

Cox says, “It’s about an hour to an hour and a half, Monday through Friday, August through May. It’s the routine. It’s also how parents can find out what is happening in their children’s lives.”

If you are a parent, the parent of a parent or plan to be a parent, then you owe it to yourself and those children to click that link; read that post and learn something from another parent who talks to his daughter a lot more than 3.5 minutes a week.

That’s what my Crazy Normal Blog is all about, parenting and education, and the post on Robbie’s Blog is a perfect example of what I want to promote.


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