MUST READ: Revelations of a Disillusioned Reformer

28 Mar

Discover from an insider the house of FRAUD being built by corporate education reformers. A MUST READ for anyone interested in the facts and the truth of what is happening to our children and our teachers.

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This is a remarkable and candid story of Jorge Cabrera, who joined the reform movement as a believer. He wanted to help the children of Bridgeport, where he grew up. He wanted better schools. He was a community organizer for Excel Schools.

And then he learned the truth.

“As I began my work in the “education reform movement” in Bridgeport, I noticed a plethora of ivy league educated “consultants” and “transformational leaders” that littered the often loose coalition of funders, new organizations and executive directors. From the beginning, it was clear that many of these new “leaders” that were emerging were well credentialed. They had graduated from prestigious universities and, it was presumed (though not by me), that alone qualified them to lead. Many were very young (recent graduates), energetic, unmarried with no children and little life experience. They often exhibited a cultish commitment to “the movement.” Their zeal…

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2 responses to “MUST READ: Revelations of a Disillusioned Reformer


    March 28, 2015 at 18:20


    The Jorge Cabrera story was a real eye-opener.


    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      March 28, 2015 at 18:32

      Did you read the piece about the college students who are majoring in education to become teachers and how they are organizing a group to fight back and this group will be teachers in training?


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