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About Bullies – Part 1/3

I don’t have respect for bullies (“bullies are kids who have tremendous low self-esteem”). That’s probably one of the reasons why I joined the Marines after high school—so I would be tougher and more dangerous.  Most bullies are cowards and won’t fight if they think you will stand up to them. Bullies also tend to be organized like a pack of wolves (no insult to wolves, but that is a fact). There are two types of bullies: the physical kind and the verbal kind, who enjoy belittling kids that don’t appear capable of defending themselves.  Some bullies fit both descriptions.

Then there is the pack of what appeared to be normal kids who will ostracize an individual who doesn’t fit into an acceptable social group.  When I was teaching, I usually stood up for the outcast too.

I was a victim of bullies in grade school and ostracized by the social butterflies in high school. As a teacher, every year, at least one mouthy bully, usually a member of a local street gang, Puente 13, would ask, “What would you do if we jumped you, Mr. Lofthouse?

Kids that bully or ostracize others that do not fit the social norm remind of a flock of chickens that will peck the runt of the flock to death.

What set off this series of posts on bullies was a piece on Why Kids Get Bullied and Rejected.


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