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Putting the Blame where it Belongs — Part 2/6

My “old” friend wrote in his e-mail, If we took out of each racial group in that racist standardized API test, all the individuals who scored above 90% and put them into group A, the next 80%-90% in group B, and so on, most of the Asians would fall in group A, most African-Americans in group F — everyone distributed into the various groups according to their score.

However, there’d be a lot of “bleed over” between the various groups — that is in group A along with the Asians you’d find some blacks, whites, Latinos, etc. and so on for the other groups.

This is not good. We want a ranking that will minimize bleed over, so let us create some.

The first is a homework ranking in the place of the racial API ranking. You will have A – F groups according to hours spent doing homework with group A doing the most, falling down to group F the least.

Do another ranking of the API racial groups this time according to each individual’s time spent participating in class. Group A individuals would be the highest participation down to group F the lowest.

Do another ranking that focuses on each individual’s test scores throughout the school year – group A the highest down to group F.

You would title these three rankings the following:

  •  Academic Performance Index Growth by Student Homework – 2010 Growth API Comparison
  • Academic Performance Index Growth by Student Class Participation – 2010 Growth API Comparison (includes class work, asking questions, taking part in discussions)
  • Academic Performance Index Growth by Student Classroom Test Scores – 2010 Growth API Comparison

There would be a 1-to-1 correspondence between the different group levels and their API scores. That is every A group would be the top API results down to the F group scoring the lowest API score.

These new rankings would means something! Continued on May 17, 2011 in Putting the Blame where it Belongs – Part 3 or return to Part 1


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