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Where It Started – Part 2/2

My first year, I interned full time in a fifth-grade class at Yorbita Elementary in Rowland Unified School District in La Puente, California.

I had a great master teacher, who is retired now. Her name was Adele Stepp, and I became friends with her husband Mario.

At the time, he was the art teacher at Giano Intermediate, where I started teaching full time in 1978. Maybe making friends with Mario and Adele were two of the reasons I stayed in education the next thirty years.

See a Middle School Art Teacher in Action

Foresight is a great blessing. I don’t have it. If I did, I might have left the classroom instead of sticking with it and teaching more than six-thousand students.

Many classrooms in America are like war zones. I know of one teacher who lasted three hours before he quit. He taught his first three classes and stormed into the principal’s office at lunch, tossed the keys on the desk and said, “I will not teach children who will not give me the respect I deserve.”

I heard that he returned to the private school where he’d been working before accepting the job at Nogales High School for higher pay. Most private school teachers are not paid well.

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