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The truth hurts over a tee shirt

It seems that many Americans don’t want to see the truth when it hits them in the eyes, and political correctness spoke up once again.

Parents/adults who refuse to see the truth in front of their eyes were outraged when the Children’s Place dared to sell a going-back-to-school “kid-size tee” shirt that said “My Best Subjects” are: Shopping, Music, Dancing and Math. There was a check box in front of each item and only three were checked.

Guess which one wasn’t checked.

The truth hurt so much that “nearly 3,000 outraged comments” hit the company’s Facebook page “along with a barrage of angry tweets.”  Source: Yahoo! Shine

The company, of course, pulled the tees and apologized. Cowards!

Parents—who support teachers and do what they can at home to help their children earn an education through hard work—should not be offended. In fact, those parents should have laughed.

I think anyone who was outraged was slapped in the face with guilt for not supporting teachers and education which is the real explanation for the high drop-out rate in America’s public high schools; the embarrassing functional illiteracy rate in America, and the fact that the average American child and teen talks to his or her parents less than five minutes a day while spending several hours a day dividing his or her time between shopping, hanging out with friends, watching TV, listening to music, and dancing to the stars while dreaming of fame and fortune, playing video games, social networking, texting—need I saw more.

Parents need to talk to children at least a half hour a day while eating a family dinner together in the same room where tablets, lap tops, iPads, and cell phones are banned.

What the Children’s Place should have done was leave the check-off boxes empty and let the teachers fill them out in December right before Christmas. And another box is needed for homework.

Then the children should be required to wear those checked-off tees until the next report card. We could call it the good-parenting reminder report card. What do you think?

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