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A quick education in 3D printing

This is a sample of our children and grandchildren’s future.

I heard about this technology decades ago. Imagine, using a copy machine to manufacture tools, bicycles, sculptures and body parts such as heart values, the liver and kidneys.

National Geographic shows us how to print usable, movable/adjustable tools

After watching the first video, you may understand why I wanted to do a post on this topic. 

3D Metal Printing – more complex and time consuming

As you have seen with the first two  videos, this isn’t fiction or fantasy.  It is the “real” thing.

Printing a Bicycle with a 3D printer

However, how many manufacturing jobs might be lost once this technology is widely used but who cares if this technology also saves lives?

Printing a Human Kidney

Of course, people will still be necessary to operate the copy machines but for how long before computers do that job too?

Affordable Desktop 3D Printing – AT HOME!


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