Josh Cowen: Vouchers Are a Disaster for Students Who Leave Public Schools

15 Nov

Studies (plural – from more than one state) show that vouchers, that take money away from public schools and give that money to private/religious schools, causes children’s math and reading scores on standardized tests to drop more than the impact of the COVID pandemic did to the nation’s k-12 school children and the learning loss caused by Hurricane Katrina to students in New Orleans.

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This post is so important that it is the only one I have scheduled today. Please read it and share it with your friends, your local newspaper, your local radio station, your elected representatives, social media, anyone who cares about the future of our society. This is not a reprint. The author, Josh Cowen, wrote this post for this blog.

Josh Cowen, a professor at Michigan State University, has been studying vouchers for more than 20 years. He has been a member of the teams conducting major studies of vouchers. When I read his article in The Hechinger Report, where he declared that he was convinced that vouchers were disastrous for students who use them, I wanted to know more about him and his experience. I wanted to ask him, “Why did you change your mind?” That’s the question that’s been asked of me hundreds of times. I have…

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