With the Death of Queen Elizabeth II, the US Should End Its Biggest Colonial Enterprise – Charter Schools

10 Sep
With the Death of Queen Elizabeth II, the US Should End Its Biggest Colonial Enterprise – Charter Schools

On July 2, 1776, Congress voted to declare independence from the British Empire, the most powerful empire in human history. Two days later, that Congress ratified the text of the Declaration of Independence.

That American Revolutionary war then lasted just over seven years, with the end of conflict coming after British forces were removed from Charleston and Savannah in late 1782.

Today, the most dangerous threat to our individual freedoms is not the British Empire, China, North Korea, Iran, or even rasPutin’s Russia. The biggest threat to our individual freedoms today comes from giant corporations and billionaires waging a war to strip the working class of their Constitutional rights and strip the state and federal government of their ability to hold corrupt, greedy, power hungry billionaires and giant corporations accountable for their abuse of power and greed.

Most working-class Americans are not billiaonres and do not own are manage huge corporations.

Most working-class Americans are not the enemy but many vote for liberals, progressives, moderates and traditional conservatives candidates (MAGA libertarian theofascists do not count, voters and candidates, because they support our enemies and threaten our individual liberties, too).


In the United States, colonialism isn’t just something we do to other people – we do it to our own citizens.

A prime example of this is the charter school industry.

Now that the UK’s longest-serving monarch has died, perhaps we can admit that.

To many people, Queen Elizabeth II is more than just a 70-year figure head – she remains a symbol of the British colonial empire — an institution that enriched itself through violence, theft and oppression.

But one needn’t look solely at European nations pillaging Africa and Asia to condemn the practice.

Nor should we limit ourselves to United States’ hegemony in the Caribbean, Pacific and Middle East.

We’ve got colonialism right here – down the street, in our own neighborhoods.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, colonialism is:

“the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying…

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