Croydon, New Hampshire: A Surprising Victory for Public Schools and Democracy!

17 Jul

“Woke” up! “Woke” up!

To save our public schools and our democracy, become a “woke” person. The more people that vote that are “woke” the safer we’ll be from the fascist-libertarian hate filled autocrats that want to make all the decisions for everyone while dismantling our culture, out country until nothing is left but a dystopian nightmare.

Diane Ravitch's blog

In 2001, libertarian political scientist Jason Sorens proposed the creation of a “free state.” He appealed to other libertarians to cluster in one small state, where enough of them would be able to eliminate laws and authority and “live free.” That state was New Hampshire, and the libertarians have joined hands with Republicans to impose their agenda on others who don’t share it. Earlier this spring, Free Staters proposed that New Hampshire secede and became an independent nation, but that proposal failed overwhelmingly, in part because enough people realized it was nutty and/or they didn’t want to give up their Social Security.

Dan Barry wrote in The New York Times about an effort by Free Staters in Croydon, New Hampshire, to cut the town’s school budget in half.

As is typical in many towns and cities across the nation, not many people show up for local elections, or in this…

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