Beware: Here Is How to Wreck Your State’s Public Schools

20 Mar

One state and school district at a time, like a dangerous virus, the reform schoolers, greedy power-hungry frauds, and liars all, are destroying OUR community-based public schools.


Many state legislatures are currently considering new private school tuition vouchers or planning to expand long running voucher programs, tuition tax credit vouchers, and education savings account vouchers. Ohio provides a stark warning about the potential damage of rapidly growing school privatization at public expense.

In a column in Sunday’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, Peter Robertson examines how the growth of publicly funded private school tuition vouchers is increasingly sucking up the state funding Ohio supposedly provides for its public schools:

“According to the Ohio Department of Education’s first February Foundation Funding Report (Robertson’s article contains a link to the Excel spreadsheet from the Ohio Department of Education.), districts will spend $162 million this school year on these private school vouchers… An analysis last year by News5 Cleveland found that nearly two-thirds of voucher recipients had not previously been students in the public district schools—they were private school students who…

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4 responses to “Beware: Here Is How to Wreck Your State’s Public Schools

  1. janresseger

    March 20, 2021 at 13:16

    Thanks, Lloyd.


  2. ragnarsbhut

    March 21, 2021 at 10:07

    Lloyd Lofthouse, people in modern academia are told what to think, not taught how to think. Of course, democrat politicians want us to be in states of perpetual dependence.


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