Education Reformers Keep Pushing the Same Old Stuff

15 Mar

Teacher in a strange land

One of the people I respect most, in edu-journalism, is Joan Richardson. Mostly, this is because I used to read her fine pieces in the Detroit Free Press, and later, her work as editor of Kappan magazine, and she always seemed like the epitome of a concept that gets lots of lip service but is rarely achieved: fair and balanced.  Plus—she once met me for coffee, and afterward, sent lots of questions and even some writing assignments my way, looking for the perspective of an actual teacher.

So when I saw her applauding Mike Petrilli’s overblown puff piece about what education reformers believe, I was surprised:

This piece is written by a conservative with whom I rarely find common ground. But he’s done a stunning job of capturing the key issues in education reform today. While I remain fervently opposed to charter schools, I agree with virtually everything else…

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2 responses to “Education Reformers Keep Pushing the Same Old Stuff

  1. nflanagan

    March 16, 2019 at 08:23

    Thanks for the re-post. Surprising that this guy thinks he’s leading ‘reform.’

    • Lloyd Lofthouse

      March 16, 2019 at 08:47

      I will not be surprised if these FAKE reformers actually believe what they are pushing. Olive Sacks pointed out how we can create memories of things we never did but still think we did them.

      Just like I’m convinced that Hitler and Trump’s followers have generated memories that support what they want to believe. I think confirmation bias looks for anything to support what someone wants to think and then turns that information that supports their twisted, corrupted bias into what is true for them even when it is false.

      That means “we the people” who think rationally and logically based on observation, research, knowledge, and REAL experience have to be more vigilant and work harder to stop the corrupted narcissists leading the anti-revolution to destroy modern civilization as we know it.


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