L.A. Teachers Will Rally on Behalf of Oakland Teachers

21 Feb

If these peaceful protests do not stop the Billionaire Bully’s Club from their agenda to destroy OUR (the people’s) public schools, there will eventually be a bloody civil war to stop the Billionaire Bullies just like the Founding Fathers stopped King George with a bloody revolution in the late 18th century.

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Oakland teachers are striking for higher wages and against school privatization by rapacious charters. A study by Professor Gordon Lafer of the University of Oregon showed that the Oakland district lost $57.4 million last year to charters.

Contact: Kim Turner, 213-305-9316, UTLA communications

LA teachers, supporters show solidarity with Oakland Strike

LOS ANGELES — Tomorrow morning, teachers and supporters across all schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District will show massive solidarity with the brave educators on strike in Oakland.

Like United Teachers Los Angeles members, Oakland educators are fighting to reinvest in public education and reject a privatization agenda. The Oakland Unified School District is claiming a fiscal crisis to justify closing schools and denying educators a decent pay raise, lower class sizes, and more support in the classroom. A key driver of Oakland’s budget crisis is the unregulated expansion of the charter industry…

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