Indiana: Just How Corrupt Are Our Elected Officials?

18 Feb

More evidence of the United States and it’s Constitution being subverted into an autocratic klpetocracy.

Diane Ravitch's blog

John Stoffel, a teacher in Indiana, is disgusted with the politicians who are intent on undermining public schools in his state. He wanted you to know how bad things are.

“Just how corrupt is Indiana’s Republican-controlled state leadership? Look to the position of State Superintendent of Education this decade for the answer.

“In 2012, Republican State Superintendent Tony Bennett is ousted despite millions of dollars of out-of-state edu-business support, becoming the only Republican to lose this statewide office in 40 years.

“In order to circumvent Glenda Ritz, the new Democrat superintendent, Indiana Republicans create a duplicitous education department and change the leadership structure of the state board of education to remove her as leader.

“In 2016, Republican Jennifer McCormick is elected. Republicans in Indiana pass a law to make the position appointed in 2024. When McCormick cites she will not run for re-election due to being “naive”, thinking she could…

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