Petition Addressed to Gavin Newsom and Tony Thurmond

05 Dec

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The Color of Change, an online civil rights group, posted this online petition addressed to the newly elected leaders of California.

Congratulations on your victories! Many of us campaigned for you, donated to you, and voted for you. Now we write to ask you to represent us – the public school students, families, teachers and taxpayers of the great state of California.

Given that a mere ten percent of California’s public school students attend charter schools, we sincerely request you make the following changes immediately upon taking office:

1. Ninety percent (or 10 out of 11) of your nominees to the State Board of Education (SBE) ought to come from traditional public schools and districts, not charters or pro-privatization groups. Current SBE Members disproportionately represent charters, or have financially benefitted from their relationships to charters.

2. Similarly, staff the California Department of Education’s (CDE) Advisory Commission on Charter Schools (ACCS)…

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