Jeff Bryant: How the Rich Get Richer by Destroying Public Schools

18 Sep

The United States has one of the more predatory elites, the Wealthiest Americans, in history, despite that philanthropy. Compared to vampires, this 0.1-percent predatory elite is even more bloodthirsty and greedy.

Diane Ravitch's blog

I think we are beginning to understand the real purpose of Corporate Reform. The 1% and their minions repeat ad nauseum that school choice will fix all education problems, lift the poor out of poverty, and no new taxes are needed. Indeed, they have pushed for tax cuts and cheered on deep cuts to public education. We are watching a generation of defunding public schools, refusing to invest in teachers’ salaries, and a massive transfer of resources from the public sector to private institutions.

Jeff Bryant explains it here.

“Recent news stories about wealthy folks giving multi-million donations to education efforts have drawn both praise and criticism, but two new reports by public education advocacy groups this week are particularly revealing about the real impact rich people have on schools and how they’ve chosen to leverage their money to influence the system.

‘The Education Debt’

“The first report, “Confronting…

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